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Free Home Remodeling: Rearranging Decor

Free home reomdeling may sound too good to be true, but there's a way to achieve a de-facto remodel without spending a penny: rearrange the decor you already have. Borrowing items from other rooms in the house can give your home an updated look without costing you a dime.

Make a Plan of Attack

To start the process, first remove all accessories in the room you want to remodel, such as lamps, paintings, pictures, wall decor, knick-knacks and clocks, etc. With only the furniture left in the room, decide which pieces you want to keep and which can be used elsewhere. Walk around the room slowly. Sit in each chair or on each couch and decide where you want to place your furniture. Try to envision how you want the new room to look. If you have trouble visualizing your new room, try an online room arrangement took such as This program will help you decide where to move your furniture. You can also look through magazines or books to help give you ideas.

Use Your Own Items to Redecorate

Once you have your furniture placed, go through the house and see if any other items will fit with what you have in mind for your new room. Get the old piano bench out of the garage and use it in the front entryway. Use a large wooden wine crate to hold your magazines or DVDs, or use it as a planter. Take the curtains out of the guest bedroom and use them in the living room. So many items in your house can be recycled for something else. Once you have all of your furniture and new items set, add your lighting, then the accessories you decided to keep in the room. Then, just sit back and relax and enjoy your newly "remodeled" room.

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